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to set these aside my personal goals. And I thought this year maybe we held on to that a little too much. In working through that me as coach we just weren able to work through it. We weren able to get over the hump in that regard. people ask me about last season, I of two minds. I can get really simple with this stuff and say with Robert Upshaw you were pretty good and you were heading to the NCAA tournament and without him, you weren very good. That the simple solution. But then I also believe wholesale nfl jerseys good teams overcome losses to key players. They rally and they figure things out. So ultimately I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Am I too far off there?) when we look at our season, Robert Upshaw went down, but let back up. Tristan Etienne. So if Robert Upshaw is gone, maybe Tristan helps cheap authentic jerseys absorb some of that. He not Robert Upshaw, but now Jernard Jarreau gets hurt. And I think Jernard got hurt before Robert (left). Now two down. And if you add Tristan, now you got three down. And even with that, down the stretch
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