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challenging the player to be a better teammate and that the player must have misinterpreted the situation. He denied making the threat the investigation assigned to him. wholesale jerseys from china "I said nothing like that wholesale jerseys nothing in the realm of that," Ford told the Times on Wednesday. He noted that the investigator didn’t interview any of the players in the room, beyond the one who complained. Ford also wasn’t interviewed, although the investigative report says "he did not show for two scheduled interviews." Ford’s role at the time of the December incident remains unclear. He has said cheap nfl jerseys he was a coach in 2012 and 2013 but was working on a contract in 2014 in which his business, Ford wholesale nfl jerseys Sports Performance, would help the team train. The school district said Ford was only a coach in 2012 and that there’s no contract on file with the district. District records show officials have also explored whether Ford, who had played for Bellevue, has been involved in encouraging athletes to attend the school something he denies. State
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